An Evening to Remember – Sat., Oct 19/2019, St. Mary’s Hall, ON $40

Our next event will be an evening you won’t forget for both men and women. Mark your calendars and join us for:

“An Evening to Remember.”



Our speakers are:

Aaron Hopson

Aaron serves as a Ministry in a local church. His home is in the US and is known as a man of Prayer because of his inspirational and awesome Battle Ready Prayer CD which is being circulated around the world.

He has authored 3 books “Grace is Not a Rocking Chair,” “Why God Keeps Saving Me,” “The Battle Ready Conclusion.”

Aaron has a wonderful wife, Julie, and two children who are very instrumental and supportive of the many endeavors he is associated with.

Robin Sullivan

Robin has had a career in radio for 30 years. She began in WARV in RI, then WMUZ Detroit Michigan and then Proclaim FM in Toledo Ohio. Robin loves to speak and share the gospel. The mission fields here and abroad are her passions. She opened a church and orphanage through her 501C3 ministry.

Robin is a wonderful friend and loves her family.





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