Cindy Morrone

Cindy Morrone1Cindy, an encourager by heart, passionately shares her faith in Jesus Christ!  She loves to tell a story and each one is founded in Biblical truth that God’s promises are revealed!  She speaks with such realness and transparency that hope is found in everyday frustrations to tragic life events and losses.

When not on the front porch swing beside her husband of 20 some years, she can be found being a Mama to her precious, twin daughters.  Now a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom, she has also recently had the joy of fostering with her family.

She has a God-given passion for youth and believes in the potential promises for these precious ones.  She acts on this passion as a director to the teenage girl version of Women of Influence, under Wendy and as a youth leader in her home church.

She is involved in a women’s ministry blog, which provides daily encouragement and is the director of video media, where she is so honoured to listen to other women of excellent faith share their stories of victory in Jesus!

Cindy’s highlighted stories to share include but are not limited to:

  • Seeds of Hope—Bareness did not have the final say! A story of adoption.
  • In the Thick of It!—A hilarious talk about everyday parenting!
  • In the Desert—Times of absolute desperation and God’s faithfulness.
  • Not Just Surviving Servanthood—Soaring with your God given life callings!

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