Just-call-me-mom-book-cover JUST CALL ME MOM by Wendy Taylor

$10 + $2 shipping

This true account of living with emotionally fractured and scared young people will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Along with sharing Wendy’s personal stories, she shares helpful tools in working with difficult children.
The thread that winds throughout this book and holds it together is the faith and trust Wendy has in her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He literally kept her from breaking as she met the challenges of everyday living.



Keys to a lifetime marriage7 KEYS TO A LIFETIME MARRIAGE by Wendy Taylor

$7 + $2 shipping

Wendy shares her personal struggles of her marriage with openness and honesty and how she arrived in a marriage that is her greatest blessing. With the many challenges she and her husband had, it is truly a miracle they survived the storms of their marriage.
From her experience in 42 years of marriage, Wendy shares how 7 keys tips made this a possibility. How does one go from hate to love? Her personal journey shows how this is achievable.
With practical tips on getting your marriage on course, this book is simplified so that anyone can understand and apply it, if they want to see changes in their relationship.


Life-Changing-JOY-book-1LIFE-CHANGING JOY by Wendy Taylor

$7 + $2 shipping

15 Devotions to change your life into Life-Changing JOY and a Bible Study for those serious about getting into it deeper.







Heal Our Families by Wendy Taylor

$12 + $2 shipping

Wendy shares pertinent information to help you overcome some of a families greatest challenges. Through fostering over 100 teenagers and counselling many families she shares from her experiences as well as  giving practical advice on how to move forward in spite of the challenges families face.

Find Solutions to Family Challenges and a 6-week Bible Study.





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