Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.   Hebrew 4:16

The Prayer Connection

The Prayer Connection is a Ministry that began in 1995.  It began with passing requests on through the telephone, then email and now online on this website.  Thousands of prayers have been offered up and thousands of answers to prayer have been experienced.  Women of Influence has been birthed through prayer and prayer upholds every aspect of this Ministry. Please feel free to pray for the requests listed below.  As we pray in unity for these needs, God comes through in a powerful way! All prayer requests are anonymous using only first names.  To submit a request click on the box on the bottom of the page.

Prayer Requests for March 1, 2019
Nahum 1:  7
Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.
Pray For Our Missionaries:
1- Keith Britton – Costa Rica – Pray for them as they help others to receive Salvation through Jesus Christ.! 
2- April Mulcahy – Uganda – Pray for her to have more opportunities to present the Christ is Life Material in Kenya. 
3 – Catherine “Cat” Russell – USA – Pray for her counseling ministry; family concerns and an increase of monthly support.  Pray for her donors to catch the vision for her work through her new monthly E-update. 
4 – Andres & Stella Casanueva – Chile – Pray for safety as he travels quite a bit all over South America and Cuba and wisdom in leading his church; Stella’s health; increase in finances. 

Jim, came through six hour surgery yesterday.  Praise God for answered prayers, all glory and honour to Him. 

Please pray healing and no complications ahead.  Strength and comfort for Jim and his family.
AWESOME GOD thank you.

Prayer Requests for February 26, 2019
Psalm 55:  17
Evening and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud:  and he shall hear my voice.
1.  PC member fell, pray healing of pain in her back.
2.  Wayne in hospital undergoing a series of tests, pray doctor’s wisdom.
3.  Pray for a teenager with issues and refuses to shower and shampoo, pray God’s healing upon their life.
Pray For Our Missionaries:
4 – Tim & Sara Born – Cameroon – Pray for the safety of their Cameroonian staff and children during this unrest; financial support increase for land purchase to move orphanage out of the  village.
5 – Nate & Erin Brady – Guatemala – Prayers for their transition to the United States and their position with Chosen People International.
6- Chris & Beth Bruno – USA – Their intentional fathering experiences for summer 2019 are open for registration! Pray that fathers would step up and join them!
7 – Sheri Cordes – Guatemala – Please pray that everything she needs for her residents’ visa would come together asap!
8 – Joy Ruffner – Nicaragua – Please pray for the country of Honduras during this time of political turmoil.
In Jesus’ name.
12 year old (Prayer Requests for February 22, 2019), went to school today with no arguments.
AWESOME GOD we give thanks for answered prayer and all Honour, Glory and Praise unto you O Lord.

Prayer Requests for February 22, 2019
Psalm 113:  3
From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.
1.  Pray for a 12 year old who refuses to go to school.  Pray for mental health professionals to diagnose the issues.
2.  Pray one for another.
3.  Pray blessings upon our pastors as they bring us the Word of God this week-end.
Pray for Our Missionaries:
4 – Nick & Connie Hartsfield – Dominican Republic – Pray for issuance of their temporary residence visas; increased financial support for vehicle and girls school
5 – Rachel Woodson – Haiti – Pray that the Lord will give her courage & ability to learn language;  guidance in opening a rehabilitation clinic with a Haitian therapist that will show God’s love for the least of these and bring hope to the patients and families.
6  – Walter & Maribel Requejo – Mexico – Pray their home to be completed; increase in financial support;  mentoring youth in Cañon Buena Vista, BC and both youth and parents will attend.
7 – Dustin & Faith Minter – Macedonia – Pray for their language and cultural acquisition, as well as gaining influence in their ministries.
8 – Matt & Amy Baldwin – Thailand – Please pray for the Lord’s clear wisdom and leading as they are in a season of transition.
9 – Ed & Mary Fox – Guatemala – Pray that “the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored (2 Thess. 3:1)”, as Ed and Mary make the challenging transition back to the USA following a lifetime of service in Guatemala.
10 – Vidal & Cathy Perez – Guatemala – Pray for the Couples Bible Study meeting on Sunday evenings & Youth Program meeting on Saturday; and that lives be impacted for Jesus & marriages to get stronger.
In Jesus’ name.

God Bless

Prayer Requests for February 19, 2019
Hebrews 4:16
Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.
1.  Betty, senior with severe back pain and fragile spine, Pray she is able to start medication soon to prevent fractures and pray for healing of back and relief of pain.  Lord Jesus, we pray you be with her to ease her fears and be with all those who care for her for wisdom and care to direct them.
2. Ray, a senior having surgery this Wednesday, February 20th.  Pray peace for him and family, pray skill for surgeon and for good results.  Comfort and strength for him and family.
3.  Erin, pray healing of abdominal pain, Pray it is nothing serious.
Pray For Our Missionaries:
4 – Duane & Liliana Nisly – Mexico – Pray for their core team to help plant church in Mexico City.
5 – Gerry & Barb Normand – Guatemala – Pray for wisdom, perseverance & strength as they plan & execute their first Good Friday event for youth of Sumpango with the goal of inspiring Christian youth to fully understand & live out their faith.
6 – Stephen & Tammie Burger – USA – Pray for Tammie and Stephen to have wisdom and insight as they visit missionaries on the field,; strength & health, and to walk with the mercy & compassion of God.
7 – Autumn Marshall – Haiti – Pray for God’s wisdom, guidance, financial provision, and peace during big ministry transitions.
8 – Frank & Mary Lou Ticknor – Mexico – Pray for them as the LORD opens new doors for them to share the Word and Love of Christ stitch by stitch. Grant them wisdom and unity  with their next steps.
9 – Karry & Vinicio Lopez – Guatemala – Please pray for protection, wisdom and discernment as they rebuild in an area affected by the eruption of volcano Fuego which continues to have volatile eruptions.
10 – Dale & Lisa Whittom – Brazil – Pray for strength in unity for their team moving forward with refined direction and new projects in 2019.
In Jesus’ name.
PC member (Prayer Requests for February 12, 2019) Praise God for answered prayers, back pain and headaches not as frequent or as painful.  Praise God we can turn  to Him with all glory and honour given.
AWESOME GOD we give all Praise, Honour and Glory unto you for our answered prayers.

God Bless

Thank you for entrusting your prayer requests with us.  We are honored that you are willing to share.  Every request will be reviewed by our coordinator.  She may reword your request and if it is not posted, we will pray for your request privately.

Focus on the Family is a great resource for counseling if you are in need of this.
May God richly bless you as we trust Him together for your need,
Wendy Taylor (President) and
Sandra Morrisey (PC Coordinator) 


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